The world's first DAO-based ecological matching and trading platform, Space DAO, will be launched on major application platforms soon

"Building the world of DAO, making blockchain transactions more convenient!" After months of attempts by R&D personnel in social media, Space DAO, a one-stop industrial comprehensive service trading platform, has finally achieved new progress. In order to be able to shape DAO's ecological matching trading platform on the basis of social attributes, Space DAO integrates GameFi, Social Fa, NFT trading market, labor union, news and other sections to provide users with multi-scenario usage needs.

Compared with the metaverse and blockchain, many people are not familiar with the new concept of DAO. In fact, DAO is the abbreviation of Decentralized Autonomous Organization. As the name suggests, it is an organization represented by rules encoded as computer programs. , the process is transparent, controlled by shareholders or token holders, and not influenced by a central authority. However, at present, everyone's definition of DAO has always stayed at the level of centralization and adherence, and has not collected it to achieve a DAO in the true sense.

As the world's first DAO-based ecological matching and trading platform, Space DAO has linked institutions, trade unions, and communities at the beginning of its design. The purpose is to present the true DAO to players and enterprises. In Space DAO, there is only consensus and freedom. Whether you are an institution, community or player, you are a member of DAO; you can participate in voting, publish content, trade freely and take your friends to explore the world of the original universe , and together become the ecological guardian of DAO.

It can be said that Space DAO is a one-stop blockchain industry comprehensive service trading platform that integrates blockchain community exchanges, NFT markets, news, rankings, and game unions. The emergence of Space DAO breaks the limitations of traditional APP chat, and integrates GameFi, Social Fa, NFT trading market, labor union, news information, etc., to provide users and enterprises with multi-scene usage needs.
Space DAO core advantages
Practical scene
Users, trade unions and projects comprehensively meet their needs, and everyone only needs Space DAO to complete most of their usage needs.
Ecological System
Integrate GameFi, Social Fa, NFT trading market, labor union, news information, etc., and one platform can meet the needs of multi-scenario use.
Cooperation to build the underlying framework
For the underlying technology, we carry out three layers of guardianship, separation of hot and cold wallets, and multiple verifications. Effective anti-theft, anti-lost coins and phishing software.
Meet market demand
At present, there are only a single DAPP product in the market, and only Space DAO is the only complete ecosystem. Before Space DAO is listed, the market is in a blank period.
In addition, Space DAO can also provide users with 150+ global digital currency trading market, 24-hour blockchain policy, market, new technological developments and industry data and ranking updates throughout the day, so that users can understand without leaving home Blockchain news.

Space DAO core functions
Talk about blockchain
In addition to daily chat, Space DAO has also added digital currency, NFT transfer, digital currency red envelopes and blind box private chat transfer and gift functions to make transactions safer and more convenient. In addition, Space DAO's social section can also be implemented with telegram groups Intercommunication, no longer afraid of missing news.
NFT Market
Users can purchase their favorite NFT props and participate in blind box and IDO activities
Enterprises can sell NFT props and blind boxes related to projects, and launch IDO activities
Blockchain ranking
Whether it is NFT rankings, metaverse rankings, game rankings, and union rankings, they are all displayed on Space DAO
NFT ranking: The ranking is based on the increase of NFT props and the symmetrical value of transaction volume.
Metaverse ranking: Ranking according to the actual popularity of the project, including: number of participants, transaction volume, actual number of fans, etc.
Game Ranking: The game ranking will be determined based on the number of players.
Guild Ranking: Game Guild Ranking will be constant based on our community size
Game Union
Whether you are an organization or an enthusiast, you can find like-minded partners on Space DAO to create a game guild. You can join your own guild's profile, video introduction, official contact information, etc. You can also jump directly to the Twitter and Telegram links. other platforms.
The news and information of the global blockchain are updated in real time. In addition, users can register as authors, write and upload articles, share personal opinions, and reward authors you like.
Different from other ordinary blockchain trading APPs, Space DAO realizes the perfect integration of users, trade unions and projects, and can help users and related enterprises to complete most of their usage needs in the blockchain industry, including jumping in DAPP, NFT sales, IDO transactions, etc. At Space DAO, we provide timely, comprehensive, safe and professional technical support, and are committed to providing the best products and services for blockchain entrepreneurs and digital currency investors.

In addition to having service and technical support, in terms of industry resources, while Space DAO has reached a strategic partnership with, it has also been favored by Kushen and participated in the project in person. At present, Space DAO is conducting internal system and security testing, and will be launched on major application platforms around the world in the near future. Friends who are interested in the Space DAO APP can go to the Space DAO official website to learn about the launch time and specific functions.