D-NFT officially listed tomorrow chain mining, miners mortgage D-NFT token directly to get ETH

The Doraemon Foundation was established in 2021. It was jointly initiated by domestic and foreign mining giants, contributing capital, material resources and manpower. The community has strong capital and strong endorsement in the blockchain industry and is determined to create an integrated ecosystem of blockchain disruptive mining and chain tourism. The Doraemon Foundation is committed to long-term value investing and generating excess returns for its investors. First of all, Defi decentralized finance should be utilized to build strong community consensus, achieve stable and full-ecological application, and open non-financial mainstream currency and liquid multi-currency mining. In the future, it will work with Doraemon officials to realize applications in computing tokens, global payments, decentralized banking and other fields.

D-nft officially listed tomorrow chain mining, miners mortgage D-NFT token directly access to ETH. The mining proceeds will go directly to the miner's wallet, where the miner can withdraw ETH and trade it.
"D-nft" launched and created a new disruptive gameplay called "GameFi+M", blending "GameFi" and "traditional mining" into a new "Metaverse" mode. The game will use physical mining machines instead of sub-coins, and players will directly mine "BTC, ETH" and other promising core mainstream coins through non-FT commitment.
With the support of the Doraemon Foundation, tens of thousands of members from nearly 100 studios in more than 10 countries have joined the D-NFT community. As the community continues to grow and the ecology improves, the innovative model of "D-NFT" will lead the entire "GameFi" market into real focus.