M-ZONE|Redefine SocialFi and create a real interactive space in the virtual and the real

No matter which world you are in and how this world looks like, it’s difficult for you to see the line separating the assumption from the fact with your eyes in most cases but only with your mind.
——1Q84 of Haruki Murakami, 2009
In the novel 1Q84, Haruki Murakami described a world called 1Q84, and there were two moons in the world. In the story, Qingdou and Tianwu finally formed a relationship after getting lost, meeting each other, running away and abandoning themselves. They came to the ladder with a hope of returning to world they knew but got lost again because of the real and the virtual, the reality and the imagination. But all of these were no longer important, because they met each other again and redefined themselves.
Let’s come back to earth, the story in the novel is really happening, and every one of us is playing the role of the leading character. The concept of Metaverse is so hot now, and numerous giants are describing the wonderful future passionately. It seems that everyone has found the ladder to the perfect world and cannot help showing their extreme excitement. Marx said that every coin had two sides, and Metaverse is not an exception. Someone cried that Metaverse was the beginning for the fall of human! So is Metaverse “the promised land” full of milk and honey or “the city of Sodom” of human indulgence?
Metaverse is not only the next generation of internet, but also the lifestyle of human in future. Metaverse connects the virtual and the real, enriches people’s perceptions, improves experiences, expands people’s creativity and creates more possibilities. The virtual world extends and expands the physical world instead of simulating and copying the physical world, thus reacting on the physical world in turn and finally blurring the boundary between the virtual world and the real world, which is the important vision for the lifestyle of human in future. Now, the final form of Metaverse still only exists in an ideal state.
But Metaverse is an open space in essence. It allows you to share the virtual scenes with other users in the same world, provides a real sense of presence in the virtual world and creates real interaction between the virtual and the real.
Now, M-zone is making Metaverse a reality. M-ZoneChat realizes boundless social contact through SocialFi2.0 and AR, and the players can obtain tokens as rewards through governance and contribution. In addition, we will build the M-ZoneBOX platform based on Virtual Map system with the supplier. By combining the virtual road signs with the real landmark and connecting users, consumers, DAOs, sellers and advertisement demanders, M-ZoneSwap de-centralized financial platform allows players to make profits on it.
M-ZONE – the next generation of Metaspace infrastructure and DAO aggregator
M-Zone was founded in early 2021. It is a one-stop de-centralized ecological platform jointly incubated and launched by UK LinkedIn Block Chain, Australian blockchain technology development company Gabriele and Italian Andino. M-Zone will be deployed on BSC, and it is a future business ecological platform integrating multiple blockchain networks. It’s a self-innovated future ecology oriented blockchain operation system and the de-centralized diversified infrastructure based on blockchain technology covering DAO, Metaverse ecology, blockchain business, de-centralized exchange, NFT ecology, etc.

M-ZONE=DeFi2.0+SocialFi2.0 +AR exclusive equipment
M-ZONE is a real Metaspace scene which is based on the ownerships and digital identities of DAO/DAC space users and builds online and offline interactive channels for every user. It redefines the social contact, gives users a real interactive space in the virtual and the real, and establishes a complete and autonomous economic system for users to get profits through showing their values. Swap financial platform will be open in the first stage. M-ZONE will select DAO partners by means of voting through airdrop to registered users, and the partners have priority to cast their own H-NFT profiles and identifies on M-ZONE, experience the products of SocialFi2.0 and obtain token rewards through subscribers’ activity and use frequency.

ACC-All Chain Coin, the Value Medium That Links the Meta-space
ACC will serve as the only value token for you to visit M-ZONE DAO ecological governance, both as the M-ZONE DAO / DAC ecological governance token and the M-ZONE equity allocation, which is a proof of identity for voting, decision-making and ecological welfare.
  • Total number of tokens: 5.9 million
  • Total pre-sale: 40%
  • Space dividend: 20%
  • DAO governance: 15%
  • LP pool construction: 15%
  • Social fund: 5%
  • Ecological fund: 5%

The Meta-space under DAO/DAC
At the beginning of its launch, M-ZONE decided to adopt a series of open and fair rules, and even a platform that could operate independently without intervention and management. Everyone in the DAO or DAC can obtain token incentive and become a shareholder of the platform by participating in the election node, purchasing NFT or providing services corresponding to the platform. However, the participants of the institution will only share the fixed income of the institution. M-ZONE pays more attention to the construction and development of DAC (Distributed Autonomous Corporation) and DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization).
M-ZONE will recruit 32 qualified DAO community members and 12 qualified DAC agency members worldwide. M-Zone will select cooperative DAO / DAC through online voting within a certain period, and give them priority to participate in the project rights and product attempts. In the first round, three DAO communities will be selected to participate in the community round of token node.
M-ZONE Meta-space is used to give back contributions and give ownership to builders, so as to create value. The platform is transparent, jointly governed, endowed with rights and interests, and the generated tokens are shared among users to generate real application scenarios. It will give offline users the real and operable application scenarios and generate real consumption value.
Let M-ZONE redefine SocialFi

SocialFi is the combination of Social and Finance. As its name implies, it is the definition of social finance, which makes social economy in the form of DeFi, and issuers benefit from connecting to users through social tokens. Users can obtain more benefits through the financialization and certification of their social influence.
In fact, the SocialFi project appeared in 2017, when a large number of blockchain + social projects emerged, such as ONO, QunQun, GSC, YeeCall, NRC, SwagChain, HuobiChat and TTC Protocol. However, most of these projects were not carried out, mainly due to the attention direction of the market and the imperfection of technology at that time, and people didn't have the concept of DeFi at that time. Therefore, SocialFi didn't give full play of its value then.
However, with the development of DeFi, the value of Web3 and the concept of decentralization is gradually excavated. SocialFi has built a perfect and self-consistent economic system for users, and everyone can benefit by demonstrating their own value. For example, the concepts related to decentralized social networks embrace creator economy, owner economy and fan economy.
Socialfi will be open and transparent to all economic activities to derive more playing methods and modes. Take the Play-to-Earn mode in GameFi as an example, in the future, the economic modes of SocialFi can widely exist, such as Post-to-Earn, Share-to-Earn, Comment-to-Earn, Active-to-Earn, active to earn and so on. Traditional social platform companies turn the content contributed by users into their own profits, while SocialFi can turn users into direct beneficiaries in exchange for rewards.

M-ZONE redefines the SocialFi, which enables the virtual and reality to produce real interactive space. M-ZONE will include the following projects:
A. SocialFi social platform and behavioral motivation
B. User NFT casting and selling (Hunter NFT)
C. Casting and sale of virtual territory (merchant land)
D. Cultivation and upgrading of virtual territory
E. Bounty Hunter program: Contribute-To-Earn
F. Generation and sale of little red person NFT
It makes social networking be full of re-imagination and makes everyone in DAO more real.

The Bounty Hunter Program of M-ZONE

We usually think of the core contributors as the organization members today-- people focus on one (in some cases, 2-3) project or organization. The need for dedicated and embedded organizational members will never disappear, but they will be much fewer in Web3 than ever before. Bounty Hunter completes clearly defined work at an agreed price and / or deadline. Bounties are usually publicly available to anyone and may sometimes be competitive, rewarding the best submission based on the value and value of afterwards contributions, rather than based on the pre-application process or bidding war. The rewards are usually determined by the granting committee or decentralized working group, who are granted some power by the larger DAO (called part of the larger trend of governance).
Contribute-To-Earn will play a central role in web3.0. The M-Zone bounty hunter program pays ACC to obtain territory and pledge output. Users can obtain the meta-pet reward token with H-NFT through social contact to realize Contribute-To-EarnSocial-To-Earn. 
Future (Route Map)
The team will complete the launch of the social products of Socialfi2 in 2022 and promote more social based functions, including NFT market, NFT avatar display, online, offline live map interaction and NFT-VoxEdit function development to set up the Bounty Hunter sector.
Conclusion|You Decide Your Own Space
M-Zone is an hourglass type meta-space platform and an advanced model of DAC and DAO, which is used to help users experience and participate in virtual and real interaction scenes, including social networking, entertainment, exchange, consumption, entrepreneurship, etc.
The ultimate form of the Metaverse is the sum of a series of “connecting points into lines” technological innovations, and the potential of new species may beyond all imagination, like the like Steven Jobs's "Necklace" metaphor. The emergence of the iPhone has connected single point technologies such as multi touch screen, IOS, high-pixel camera and high-capacity battery, “redefined the mobile” and opened the  mobile Internet era which has been surging for more than ten years.
The emergence of M-ZONE redefines social interaction and produces a real interactive space in virtual and reality.
X-to-Earn, just begins now.
For more information about M-ZONE, you can turn to the official Twitter and Discord.