Deere plan launch ceremony and global strategy tour launch in Vietnam!

On April 1, 2022, Deere plan launch ceremony and global strategy tour conference opened in Vietnam with glory! As a top event created by the blockchain industry in Asia, it gathered the most outstanding industry experts, professional organizations and many well-known professional media from all over the world. This is a highly influential super elite conference, not only spreading the blockchain culture that will surely be the history of mankind, but also making a comprehensive and powerful analysis and discussion of the most cutting-edge technological innovation of the meta-universe, a package of industry dynamics, and the value degree of commercial application fields, opening a new chapter of revolutionizing the portal opening of blockchain in Asia!

Ashton Addison, chief marketing planner of Deere plan, attended the event and gained high attention from the whole audience. It is reported that Deere plan is the great dream and mission of SpaceX space exploration company, which influenced the whole world. 2022 National Missi onary Baptist Convention of America formally united to promote the process of Deere plan to assist human beings to immigrate to Mars as soon as possible.

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is a Christian denomination based in the United States of America. The SBC chose to join the Deere Project because of its philosophy of "love and peace" and its ability to combine two of the world's newest concepts, the metaverse and Musk's Mars program. The DAO community will have the ability to verify all transactions and actions without the involvement of trusted third parties.
And Deere plan's technical team is very strong, its main members originate from California Development speed, Into the speed, the United States professional network security expert team, peacemaker team, the global blockchain framework research center underlying technology core team and domestic well-known Internet security company.

In this event, Deere plan with the concept of freedom, openness and innovation, using decentralized, trustworthy technology and the most advanced consensus mechanism to realize the blockchain comprehensive ecological construction application services on the ground and realize the efficient delivery of value, which has attracted a high degree of attention and resonance. There are even large local investment institutions in Vietnam and Deere plan also reached a preliminary part of the investment plan in Vietnam, Deere plan in the global heat can be said to be rare in the industry!