GODE CHAIN 100-city road show opens a glorious new chapter in 2023

It is reported that with the mission of GODE CHAIN to seek the maximum value of WEB3.0 era, and strive to build the ecological value vision of GODE strong consensus economic community, led by DAO organization, the 100 largest communities around the world were gathered to open the 100-city road show in the first quarter of "GODE CHAIN's Centennial Plan of True Technology and true Future" in 2023. Many countries, regions and cities from around the world participated in the roadshow to implement the GODE CHAIN2023 Strong Ecological Mission Road. With the rapid rise of new concepts, GODE CHAIN's new three-layer governance distributed node deployment, smart contracts, and EVM self-developed virtual machine applications, GODE has achieved outstanding results after years of technical accumulation. In the face of changing conditions and markets, the GODE team has made great changes in standardization construction, ecological expansion, brand upgrading, R&D system improvement and other aspects through continuous learning and adjustments. Metagod multi-chain wallet based on GODE CHAIN deployment, CookieSwap decentralized exchange NFT exchange, CoinHome (Wall Street Fund) centralized exchange, Metamedia (WEB3.0) medium, Metachat (Web3.0 social) metamax, Meta Download, USDE stablecoin and AI supercomputing platform are still developing in a stable and orderly way. The DAO organization of GODE "Consensus" connects "community" consensus members into a community of destiny and welfare. Each individual is not only a beneficiary of ecological welfare, but also, to varying degrees, a provider of it. To build a long-term consensus economic community in the spirit of blockchain practice.

The first quarter of the 100 Cities Roadshow, based on the Web3.0 decentralized Internet format, will bring significant changes to all walks of life and derive new organizational and industrial forms. As an exploration window for WEB3.0 infrastructure technologies, the 100-city GODE CHAIN Roadshow provides an in-depth analysis of Web3.0 and digital economy models, meta-universe eco-tuyère and industrial CHAIN applications..After years of exploration as a public chain system, GODE CHAIN has gained much insight into the spiritual connotations of blockchain..Preliminarily "detected" the huge economic "potential energy" of intelligence, ecology and clustering hidden in blockchain, and tried to transform it into "community" value productivity. GODE's vision is to empower, connect, share information, increase transparency and provide a frictionless solution to the multi-chain blockchain ecosystem. Blockchain technology enables decentralized and de-trusted networks with layers of economic incentives for long-term use now and in the future.
In conclusion, Web3.0 is the future of the Internet and Web3.0 applications will bring tremendous business value..GODE paves the way for a current decentralized marketplace that provides a more equitable way to access services through a variety of applications and providers..GODE has introduced a different blockchain architecture based on shard technology, aiming to meet the needs of business activities on a global scale with blockchain technology, and has created a unique solution to the scalability issues of blockchain and to DID and zero-knowledge proofs..GODE CHAIN will apply the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, AI supercomputer, huge data and distributed storage into the digital ecology, provide perfect digital financial services and related solutions, help global institutions and individual users to build a consensus on Web3.0, explore new directions of industry applications, and facilitate the rapid development of Web3.0 applications.
The success of GODE CHAIN is that as a new generation of Web3.0 public CHAIN, it can serve various industries, countries and commercial systems, achieve low cost and mutual benefit, and jointly create an open ecology of enabling infrastructure with GODE CHAIN public chain technology through the concept of co-construction, co-governance and sharing. With the rapid development of blockchain and its growing user base, the Internet and traditional businesses have started actively seeking an effective combination with Web3.0..​ GODE CHAIN is dedicated to opening the doors of Web3.0 to all users and creating more new opportunities in the era of Web3.0 technology and finance.