The king of computing power, set sail with glory Brain AI Distributed AI Computing Power Network Officially Launched on March 9

At present, the computing power trend is coming . When many people are still lamenting that they have missed a great investment opportunity, the Brain AI team has a keen insight into the new blue ocean of business , focusing on the research and application development of distributed AI computing power network technology , and bringing the computing power trend It has been upgraded to a super investment storm in the industry, with a casting limit of 500 million BAI—Brain AI tokens, sharing the dividends of the era of computing power with users , and another trillion-level market in the industry is about to be born.

According to official news, the Brain AI distributed AI computing power network will be officially launched on March 9 . Brain AI aims to build an infrastructure that empowers Web3 and the Metaverse to solve a pain point in the current digital asset ecosystem: by providing powerful, low-latency, cost-effective and reliable computing resources so that developers can easily , and deploy DAPP in a decentralized manner to meet the growing demand for computing power of applications such as Web3/Metaverse .
Brain AI aggregates scattered AI physical computing resources into a huge computing power pool, and executes computing tasks in response to different development needs. For developers, operating a distributed AI cluster resource can be as simple as using a computer, allowing developers to focus on their own professional fields and develop efficiently.
The Brain AI main network is developed based on the overall architecture of the Binance Smart Chain core layer, service layer, and application layer. Binance Smart Chain is a new generation blockchain protocol that focuses on the discovery and support of high-potential developers and innovative projects. At the same time, Binance Smart Chain introduces a new blockchain architecture based on sharding technology, aiming to use blockchain technology to meet the needs of global business activities. Its core members are inspired by the experience of developing a centralized large-scale system with one billion TPS, apply these technologies and ideas to the blockchain, and create a unique solution to the scalability problem of the blockchain.

The Brain AI team believes that the next revolution in computing power will be based on heterogeneous computing. In the field of AI computing, whether it is the growth rate of data scale or the diversification of data forms, it far exceeds the current processing and computing capabilities. In the next ten years, architecture innovation will be the main driving force for innovation, and heterogeneous computing will bring exponential growth. expansion effect.
Brain AI integrates global servers, idle PCs, mobile phones and AI computing devices for low-latency and high-speed on-demand output to form an AI supercomputing network. This is an advanced breakthrough in technology and thought, and it is also a great practice of blockchain carbon neutrality .
In the future, distributed AI computing power will become a trillion-dollar-scale industry in the next ten years, and Brain AI, as the industry's first distributed AI computing power network platform, hopes to become a global distributed computing power network platform in the next few years. The most professional and large-scale and full-ecological application service platform in the field. To accomplish this goal, the scale of Brain AI's infrastructure construction will also be trillions. Once it reaches such a scale, the value of Brain AI's ever-deflationary Token will be unparalleled.

Plow the darkness and carve the light. The Brain AI team has been deeply involved in computing power and the blockchain industry for many years, and has unique insights into the ecological construction of AI computing power networks . This time, the impact of the launch of the Brain AI distributed AI computing power network will also be comprehensive: the Brain AI computing power ecosystem is officially launched ; the application of the Brain AI distributed AI computing power network in multiple scenarios becomes possible ; The global consensus continues to increase ... By then, the scale of Brain AI's infrastructure construction will also be trillions, laying a solid AI computing power foundation for another industrial revolution and civilization leap in human society, and guiding the world to create Space field of surreal world.