Deere SocialFi builds a decentralized social graph protocol

Deere Plan is building a decentralized social graph protocol for Web3 social networks, games and metaverse, while returning ownership and utility of social graph data to users and providing the infrastructure for Web3 developers to integrate and build. For users, they are able to own their social graph data and bring that data to new applications. This social graph data becomes the user's personal portable asset that can be packaged and taken away, breaking down barriers between platforms and communities. It is a blockchain-based Web 3.0 infrastructure and is publicly accessible. Users can collaborate to contribute to the protocol, providing middleware for building Web 3.0-based social networks and the Metaverse in the future.

Key features of the Deere Plan protocol
Public Access: The decentralized social graph data will be publicly accessible for all Dapps as an add-on for developers to leverage user connectivity beyond their existing user base.
Self-sovereignty: While the social graph data is open to all, only users have full control over their social graph, i.e. adding, removing and updating relevant dapp links.
Multi-chain ecosystem: The protocol is not tied to the ETH public chain only, but created for a multi-chain ecosystem. Features under development will support Dapps from all public chains in the future.
Decentralized Governance: Inspired by the Ether vision, Deere Plan will work towards secure, permissionless and decentralized governance, and the long-term development of the protocol will be governed by the community.

Token Incentives: To support the long-term development of the Deere Plan protocol, the founding team is introducing a token incentive model in the beginning phase to fairly reward all contributors who help guide the social graph, with various features such as rewards, transactions, and bonus packages available in the Deere ecosystem through LUWA.
User privacy protection: The founding team is working on a technical solution in implementing privacy protection features, where users take ownership of their private data.
With the launch of Deere social board at the end of the month luwa's use scenarios will further increase, and the value will be higher and higher.

At the same time, chain tour users can import their social graphs through Deere Plan to enhance social features, and the player will be able to efficiently communicate with his on-chain friends.
Deere Plan enables messaging between blockchain addresses and allows users to socialize natively based on cryptocurrency technology, which will be the next step to complete the Web 3.0 social ecosystem. cyberChat is a trustless Web 3.0 chat application for all blockchain users.