WWF-UK announces termination of NFT program due to massive controversy

Feb. 12 - WWF UK announced on its website that it is ending a program designed to fund conservation efforts through NFT sales, after the move sparked much controversy. WWF UK wrote: "We are grateful to all those who have generously supported our conservation work through the purchase of NFT. We have now agreed with our partners to stop this attempt. We recognize that NFT is a highly controversial issue and that we all have a lot to learn about this new market, which is why we will now fully assess the impact of this attempt and think about how we can best continue to innovate and engage our supporters." The NFT release was originally scheduled for Feb. 3. These NFTs represent 13 endangered animal species, such as the giant panda, Galapagos penguin and Cross River gorilla. In total, the series includes 7,900 NFTs, which corresponds to the actual number of living members of each species in the wild. The NFTs will cost between 0.05 ETH (about $150) and 0.25 ETH (about $750) to cast on Polygon, according to the project's Discord. (The Block)