The Gulfstream DEFI plate is an important part of the entire ecology

The emergence of DeFi (decentralized finance) uses blockchain and smart contracts to further verify information, and anyone can use digital assets to participate in the agreement to complete loans and transactions, thereby reducing costs compared to traditional centralized finance. It improves efficiency and reduces risks at the same time. This is actually the most important meaning after the emergence of DeFi.
Secondly, combined with the public key and private key system and smart contracts, the complete control of personal assets is realized, and at the same time, the risks brought by external factors are also eliminated in a certain sense.
The DEFI sector will also become an important part of the Gulfstream platform. Gulfstream is an African entity mining industry invested by Singapore-based encryption investment fund company Gulf Fund (Gulfstream Fund). It provides users with services such as bitcoin mining, wealth management and trading. At the same time, it will use its own rich mining conditions to create an entity bitcoin mining + An integrated platform of DEFI+WEB3. Throughout the development, DEFI will link all ecology。