TradingLink Wraps Up the DUBAI Token2049 Starlight Carnival Night

On April 17, 2024, the DUBAI Token2049 Starlight Carnival Night, co-hosted by Hotcoin Global and TradingLink, concluded successfully at the JW Marriott Hotel Marina in Dubai.

This premier digital finance gathering took place at the famed JW Marriott Hotel Marina in Dubai, attracting top-tier cryptocurrency traders and financial heavyweights from around the globe. The event not only marked a significant milestone in the evolution of global digital finance but also delved into the future integration of digital trading and traditional financial systems.
The event was graced by over 150 influential leaders, including core partners from Hotcoin Global and TradingLink, representatives from various venture capital firms, renowned cryptocurrency industry media outlets, financial thought leaders, project representatives, members of the local Dubai blockchain community, and seasoned investors.

About TradingLink
TradingLink is a globally leading Trader Incubator Network, committed to providing professional management for trader operations, specialized fund investment management, software technology development, and asset management services. With a comprehensive model that integrates stakeholders ranging from fund providers and traders to platforms and technologists, TradingLink creates a stable, long-term return environment for investors. This approach has established TradingLink as a prominent player in the global trading community.