SolaRoad creates an epoch-making supercomputing ecosystem to provide inexhaustible power for the progress of human civilization

Recently, the O pen AI company announced that they are launching chatgpt plugins that users can install to help with various tasks. In other words, chatgpt has now been upgraded from an artificial intelligence tool to a developer platform . This means that chatgpt provides a convenient platform for the succession and intelligent transformation of the previous generation of Internet applications , which is an important moment of digital transformation.

This is also a major advance in the application of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has truly landed on the consumer side, and data, intelligence, and human wisdom (the digital Homo sapiens model) can finally be co-created conveniently. For example, roblox, a head metaverse game company, recently launched generative AI game creation tools. Although it is currently in beta, these tools can "help automate basic coding tasks and allow users to focus on creative work."

In the future, artificial intelligence will build a larger content ecology, which will play a key role in boosting new tracks of the digital economy such as the "Metaverse" that involve a large amount of digital content.

The explosive ChatGPT not only allows everyone to see new opportunities for artificial intelligence revolution, but also triggers our reflection on the challenges it brings to human beings from the perspective of civilization.

As the world's first supercomputing public chain based on the HPOS consensus mechanism , SolaRoad focuses on building an epoch-making supercomputing ecosystem . It is also a new business attempt under the chaotic economic system . Supercomputing power is a new energy source in the era of digital economy. , will provide the most advanced productivity for Ai artificial intelligence, smart Internet, Metaverse and other industries .

The SolaRoad global AI supercomputing supply platform was initiated by the SolaDigital Foundation. One of the sponsors of the foundation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) of the United States, uses its own resources to conduct centralized supercomputing equipment suppliers in 20 countries and regions around the world. Purchasing computing power and providing stable and low-cost computing power leasing, technology expansion, and data analysis services for a number of AIGC industrial institutions and AI generation systems. At the same time, with the help of the SolaRoad supercomputing protocol and the computing power supply network system, global users have the opportunity to participate in the core computing power supply chain of the entire AIGC industry, and obtain stable and high-yield returns on investment in the computing power blue ocean market.

In addition to resources such as global supercomputing clusters, SolaRoad also distributes computing needs to many nodes in the system, and distributes computing power to individual users to create value. In addition, by integrating idle computing resources around the world, it provides enterprises with super computing power services, and builds a computer computing power buyer's and seller's market based on the Token economy. Compared with traditional computing power services, SolaRoad supercomputing public chain reduces the threshold and usage fees of supercomputing services, and will bring efficient computing power services to artificial intelligence, blockchain and other fields in the future.

At present, SolaRoad has established AI supercomputing supply platforms in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand. In the future, it will gradually establish a computing power supply network system around the world, radiating the world from point to area. It plans to build supercomputing service clusters in 20 countries around the world within 2 years. Help promote the development of new production methods and landing applications of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is related to the future of mankind and belongs to the cutting-edge technology in the global scientific research field. Its development is closely connected with information technology, computer technology, precision manufacturing technology, and Internet technology. There are too many possibilities for its future, and the extent to which artificial intelligence can develop is inconclusive now, and the answer can only be left to the future. As the world's first supercomputing public chain based on the HPOS consensus mechanism , SolaRoad's vision is to create a HPCS high-performance supercomputing space network, through distributed computing power clusters and Ai artificial intelligence engine, to more efficiently manage the current supercomputing center cluster Achieve exponential scale growth, reduce computing costs and increase commercial value, and provide inexhaustible power for the progress of human civilization.