MyScore - an ecological platform for competition guessing based on blockchain technology, sharing the development dividends of the times

Since 2018, Arsenal, a well-known Premier League club, has launched an operating model combined with blockchain to improve the online experience of sports betting and competitive games. The blockchain and the football world have intersected for the first time. Fans have seen the opportunity to open the capital knot, and the possibility of returning football to fans has emerged.

Today, the World Cup is no longer just a simple football event. Every World Cup will be combined with many elements other than sports to bring fans a new experience. The elements that collide with the World Cup this year will undoubtedly be It is the blockchain. I believe that no one will underestimate the market size covered by the entire prediction market.

According to estimates by a well-known British sports company, the global sports entertainment market will reach US$536 billion in 2020. The competitive entertainment has gradually formed a trend, and the global sports entertainment market has been expanding. With the rapid development of Internet technology, the output value of the competitive entertainment industry has soared rapidly. It is expected to reach US$841 billion in 2022 and maintain steady growth in 2023.

Sports quiz is the most important link and way for the sports industry to connect with other industries. With the development of sports quiz, the value created by the quiz industry is getting higher and higher, the participants are more and more extensive, and the future development is unlimited. The rapid development of technology has also brought new directions to the quiz industry. As the first pan-entertainment payment ecological chain based on blockchain technology, MyScore demonstrates the application value of blockchain technology in the quiz industry.

MyScore is a pan-entertainment payment ecological chain based on blockchain technology, integrating payment, development, entertainment and other functions. MyScore is positioned as a race guessing ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Relying on competitive entertainment and innovating the blockchain entertainment model as its own responsibility, it is committed to building on-chain infrastructure for pan-entertainment industries such as games, quizzes, e-sports, NFT, and the Metaverse, and building cross-domain integration with blockchain. , A cross-ecological and global blockchain entertainment complex based on the entity pan-entertainment industry, providing technology developers and entertainment value creators with an underlying platform support that combines anonymity, openness, reliability and fairness .

MyScore aims to build a decentralized guessing entertainment platform based on the MSC ecological system. It makes full use of the characteristics of blockchain technology and will solve the unreasonable aspects of the current guessing game industry: including traditional guessing game platforms suffering from Criticized low rate of return; lack of products available for participation in quiz games; opacity and opacity of traditional quiz game platform operations, legal risks, potential risks of platform escaping with money, capital security issues, and doubts about operators cheating and many more.

The decentralized quiz entertainment platform built on the MyScore ecological system fully utilizes the characteristics of blockchain technology, which will solve the unreasonable aspects of the current quiz game industry: including the low cost of traditional quiz game platforms that have been criticized. The lack of products available for participation in guessing games; the non-openness and opacity of traditional guessing game platform operations, legal risks, potential platform escape risks, financial security issues, and doubts about the operator’s cheating behavior, etc.

MyScore moved the traditional big event operation to the blockchain, built its own online quiz and guessed large-scale events, and jointly chased high digital currency awards. With the goal of creating high-level quiz events, the competitive and user-friendly product experience will win the favor of users in the segmented market, and the online and offline users will be diverted with unprofitable events, and the ecological mutual diversion of sports quiz will be established. This will be subversive innovation and complete ecological closed-loop operation.

MyScore - a full-race quiz platform in the blockchain world, participates in the carnival of sports events with users, and shares the dividends of the development of the times.