Montecarlo, a Full-Coverage Quiz Platform in the Blockchain World Sharing the Benefits of the Times

As a decentralized meta-universe pan-entertainment platform, MonteCarlo is a fair competitive entertainment platform based on Monaco SMB Group. With what advantages? Mainly four parts as follows:

First, an efficient and safe environment. As an entertainment platform based on Monaco SMB Entertainment Group with mature technical support, we provide a very friendly development environment for games, and such a strong community, which can help the Hash World grow rapidly. At the same time, it has absorbed blockchain teams such as professional team Player Labs, and applying blockchain technology to big data risk control system by SBM, which can effectively solve data source problems such as data islands of big data risk control, low data quality and data leakage. Using all the data chains in the blockchain for prediction and analysis, management or risk control can discover and prevent possible systemic risks in time, so as to better maintain the market order of entertainment quiz and improve market efficiency. So it’s believed that MonteCarlo will offer an efficient and safe blockchain game!

Second, diverse and fun gameplay. We have many years of development experience in the blockchain industry and competitive entertainment development industry, and will offer a variety of quiz games with Hash quiz as the entry point currently. At the same time, with the successful held of the 2022 World Cup, MonteCarlo will develop quiz entertainment with the theme of the World Cup to meet you one after another. Our games can be divided into four categories:
1. Arcade entertainment, such as fishing and arcade leisure competitive games.
2. Sports competition. It contains all the internationally famous sports events, and offer a fair quiz.
3. E-sports. You can compete online to support your favorite e-sports team.
4. Meta-universe competition, in the follow-up, competitive entertainment combining the meta-universe world will be launched.

First of all, MonteCarlo will be officially launched in the near future, and the third party Dapp will be applied. You can use your wallet to log in and pay with one click, so you can easily and conveniently complete the login and payment of the game, which is a very convenient and second-level experience.

The third feature, the most important one of MonteCarlo, is that all the games in the Hash World are fair, transparent and verifiable. In the world of blockchain, we make full use of the open environment of blockchain technology to ensure that the games are absolutely fair and verifiable, which is unique in the industry. How to achieve it? We use the block Hash value to decide the result. As we all know, the block chain is out of blocks, and each block has a hash value, composed of 32-bit random numbers. It is generated by all nodes in the main network, completely fair and random, and is not controlled by anyone. You can verify it at any time.

The fourth feature: it can solve the problem that C-end users are limited by time and region. Based on its openness, transparency and non-tampering characteristics of blockchain technology, it completely solved the unfair situations such as cheating and fraud, and reshaped the trust system of online quiz industry.

The decentralized quiz entertainment platform built on the MonteCarlo ecological system makes full use of the characteristics of blockchain technology, which will solve the irrationality of the current quiz game industry: including the low rate of return of the traditional quiz game platform which has been criticized; lack of products available for participating in quiz games; the operation of traditional quiz game platform is not open and opaque, with legal risks, potential risks of the platform escaping privately with money, financial security problems and doubts about cheating of operators, etc.
MonteCarlo transfers the traditional mega event operation to the blockchain to jointly pursue the high digital currency prize. In order to build a high-level quiz event as the goal, it offers users in market segments with competitive and humanized product experience, and establishes ecological mutual diversion of sports quiz. This will be a subversive innovation and a perfect ecological closed-loop operation.

After MonteCarlo goes online, the platform will simultaneously open the node fission plan. MonteCarlo node is the core driving force for the development of the platform. Correspondingly, in order to encourage the development of the node, the platform will reward most of the profits to the node. How do you become a node? All players can be upgraded to nodes as long as they have completed the corresponding tasks. There is no need to pay any fees, fair competition, no first come, only ability! The detailed rules will be announced after the game goes online, so stay tuned!
MonteCarlo, an all-entertainment quiz platform in the blockchain world, will participate in the carnival of sports events and share the dividends of the times with users.