GG Token: Created in cooperation with GG International and WhiteLotto on the market since 2015.

What is GGTKN and the purpose of the token?
GG Token - Created in cooperation with GG International and WhiteLotto on the market since 2015. GGTKN Aims to be a Native token of Lottery & Gambling Projects, accepted By More Than 15+ Lottery & Gambling Projects Worldwide at the time of launch & Counting. GG World group created the biggest lottery game on the planet, launched in November 2019, played now in many countries around the world thanks to WhiteLotto white labels and GG Lottery system.

The company has obtained numerous licenses for running official national online lotteries. The first one, Lotto Zambia was launched nearly instantly in 2019. Another national lottery, LottoNigeria was launched in 2020. LottoPeru and LottoHaiti have been launched in Q3 2021. LottoGuatemala is the next one being developed and will be launched in Q3 2022.

GG tokens were created to realize the following 3 main project visions:

·To educate the population of Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean on blockchain technology.
·To provide an alternative to mobile money and coupon systems for many unbanked people around the world. With GGTKN, the transaction cost can be reduced to less than 1%, and the transfer speed can be maintained at around 1-3 seconds with the help of the BSC/BEP20 blockchain.
·To encourage people to use the token on a wide network of global partners. These partners have all agreed to offer special ongoing discounts and bonuses for those paying with GGTKN.

GG International has created a unique solution on a global scale, the true Random Number Generator (TRNG). The solution works based on the natural randomness of the world and utilizes the principles of quantum physics. The system has successfully passed the tests at Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), a recognized authority in the gaming industry, and received certification for highly-regulated jurisdictions. GLI is a leader in gaming and lottery solution testing, trusted by regulators in 475 jurisdictions all over the world.

What is the token utility of GG Token?

·Up to 80% discounts in e-commerce shops
when buying digital and physical goods with GGTKN on (Get a 50% discount with GGToken and ship worldwide)


·Dedicated GG TKN raffle
Participate in the blockchain-based lottery with fairness and transparency.

·Discounted prices on the White Lotto network of lottery messengers
Lifetime discount up to 80% on tickets when using GGTKN as a payment method!

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