Deere Plan: Accelerate the improvement of the Deere ecosystem to achieve the great plan of space planet migration early

The migration to other planets is the inevitable trend of our human development nowadays. In order to realize the grand vision of human emigration to Mars, Deere plan team combines game, social and crypto-economy to build a huge meta-universe, aiming to let more people know about Mars emigration plan through game mining, immersive experience and sharing, and then sign up to emigrate to Mars, so as to bring more new ideas for the future development and transmission of human civilization. The aim is to bring more new possibilities for the future development and inheritance of human civilization.

The Deere Project ecosystem will include a fully mature decentralized exchange, a multi-chain wallet for digital asset storage, a secure and private decentralized social platform, and a comprehensive service platform that allows free sales and purchases of any assets in the ecosystem, fully automated in a self-run ecosystem.
Deere Swap creates a mining game wealth world on the NFT-based chain, linking the meta-universe space with real-world values, and circulating users in the virtual world of Deere Swap can freely trade and buy NFT assets. The assets acquired by users in the virtual space with Deere Swap can be used to gain real-world revenue. As the Deere Plan expands, more and more wealth will be pooled in and rewarded to players.
Deere Swap is an open, distributed and decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem with multiple ecological links such as mining, games, NFT, Deere Swap, lending, DAO, prophecy machine, DEX, DFT trading market, etc. It has a variety of application scenarios, and is built with public sales, distributed infrastructure, game service protocols, and a public marketplace through the synergy of the Deere Swap ecosystem. The Deere Swap ecosystem is a collaborative effort to build a comprehensive mining ecological service platform based on public sales, distributed infrastructure, and game service protocols, providing users with a comprehensive, secure, efficient, and free mining ecosystem.

Deere Social, built on the foundation of Deere Plan, is the first community-driven virtual social network with a TikTok-style NFT marketplace. Featuring an interactive 3D world where people can socialize with influencers and provide a marketplace that brings sellers and buyers together.
Decentralized Wallet Deere Wallet is a decentralized multi-chain digital asset wallet that supports multiple platforms, integrating wallet, data, meta-universe, mining, trading, etc. Deere Wallet provides a complete display of user assets through contract analysis, intelligent recommendation of quality applications through data analysis, support for viewing NFT and other multi-class on-chain assets, support for NFT transfer operations, support for standard ERC721 protocol parsing so that NFT assets can be displayed anytime, anywhere.
Mars exploration will be the first step of the Deere Plan, a key link in the development of the deep space exploration field from the Moon (Mars) to the planets to carry forward and backward, but also the way to the future to move further into the universe, through the Deere Plan can let more people understand that the origin and evolution of the solar system, the origin and evolution of life and other major scientific issues of great significance, to improve the scientific knowledge of mankind about the universe, expand and extend human activity space, thus promoting the sustainable development of human civilization.
In the future, Deere will continue to improve its ecosystem, provide a virtual reality interaction space for human beings, create a virtual future with financial attributes with an open and free ecological scene, create a metaverse ultimate value platform, realize the great space planet migration plan as soon as possible, and promote the sustainable development of human civilization!