BBC News Report: Successful Event by CosmosAI in the EU Digital Supercomputing Era

London, Yesterday — London's renowned historical venue, Raffles at The OWO, took center stage in the global AI arena as a captivating event unfolded successfully. The European Union's digital supercomputing era witnessed a remarkable strategic partnership ceremony, co-hosted by CosmosAI, Infinite Money Fund, and Internet Research Lab. This event has emerged as a focal point of the industry's attention. In its report, BBC News extensively covered the successful completion of the EU Digital Supercomputing Era strategic partnership signing ceremony, highlighting the significant significance of this event in propelling the development of AI technology.

The significance of this event cannot be understated. It marks a transformative phase for the AI domain, poised to usher in a monumental leap towards intelligence, reliability, and sustainability for human society. The spotlight was on CosmosAI, a pioneering force shaping the trajectory of distributed supercomputing technology. Their Cosmic Unified Computing Protocol (CFCP) amalgamates blockchain, smart contracts, quantum mechanics, and machine learning, enabling global computational resource sharing and collaboration.
CosmosAI, a decentralized DAO organization, took center stage. Supported by the technical prowess of the UK's Internet Research Lab and bolstered by the computational power leased by the Infinite Money Fund, this pioneering entity strives to create a new epoch of computational prowess. The core technology behind CosmosAI is the Cosmic Unified Computing Protocol (CFCP), which seamlessly integrates blockchain, smart contracts, quantum mechanics, and machine learning. This synthesis facilitates cross-chain, cross-platform, and cross-device computational resource sharing and collaboration, aiming to provide support for extensive AI data processing and intelligent application development, while also bolstering Web3.0 with robust infrastructure. This transformation is set to propel human society towards a more intelligent, trustworthy, and sustainable new world.
During the event, Gomez Addams, Co-founder of CosmosAI Foundation, delivered a crucial address on the potential of distributed supercomputing technology. He emphasized that this technology not only caters to the demands of vast data processing and intelligent application development but also forms the bedrock for an intelligent, reliable, and sustainable future within the AI domain. His discourse garnered significant attention from the media and the industry.

The event saw the attendance of Mr. Tamara Novak, Director of the UK Investment Division at Infinite Money Fund, a notable financial institution. He expressed his confidence in the technological prospects of CosmosAI, believing that distributed supercomputing technology will usher in more opportunities for UK-based enterprises, enhancing their global competitiveness in the AI field.
Mr. Tyler Galpin, Chief Technology Officer of Internet Research Lab, also shared his outlook on the future of the AI industry at the event. He emphasized that the establishment of a distributed supercomputing network will infuse the AI domain with new vitality, serving as a pivotal engine for industry innovation.

The crescendo of the event was the joint signing of the collaboration agreement by representatives from CosmosAI, Infinite Money Fund, and Internet Research Lab. As per the agreement, Infinite Money Fund will undertake the commercial deployment and computational sales of CosmosAI's computational nodes, facilitating the promotion and development of distributed supercomputing technology.
The successful event has instilled hope and opportunities within the global AI landscape. The headline "Successful Event by CosmosAI in the EU Digital Supercomputing Era" might be a mere title, yet it encapsulates the innovation, progress, and potential for future development that leads us towards a more intelligent, trustworthy, and sustainable era.