SolaDigital Foundation, the sponsor of SolaRoad, a global AI supercomputing platform, hosted Ethan, a Youtube celebrity with 6 million followers

SolaRoad, which is recently taking the global AI scene by storm, is receiving global media coverage due to its groundbreaking supercomputing system and huge resource backing. Recently, Ethan, a Youtube star with 6 million followers, visited SolaDigital Foundation's headquarters in Thailand and was received by William, SolaDigital Foundation's advisor, James, the lead researcher, and a group of members.

As a technology blogger in the AI field, Ethan has 6 million fan users, and this visit to SolaDigital Foundation Ethan also explained to us why: "We all know how hot ChatGPT is now in the world, and it has accumulated 100 million users worldwide in just 2 months after its launch. ChatGPT's content-generating AI model, AIGC, is also receiving more and more attention, so how does AIGC support such a huge amount of data? Today, let Ethan and I take you into the headquarters of SolaDigital Foundation and have an in-depth discussion with the executives of the Foundation on topics such as SolaRoad AI supercomputing supply platform, digital transformation, etc.! "

After arriving at SolaDigital Foundation, William, the foundation advisor, led Ethan to visit the labs of various departments, including AI Scheduling Platform, Data Platform, Conference Center, Hardware Equipment Room, AIGC Integration Center, these distinctive labs let Ethan feel the rigor of their work in AI.

Afterwards, Ethan asked James, the lead researcher, "We have seen reports about SolaRoad in various media before coming here, and we also see that the community is very hot, so as the initiator of SolaRoad, how do you provide resources for SolaRoad?
James: "First of all, we started our research work in AI a long time ago, in fact, long before ChatGPT was launched, there were very many breakthrough AI applications in countries around the world, such as Jasper AI, Synthesia, Do Not Pay, Dall-E-2, Tome Fireflies, Timely, and other applications, and the launch of ChatGPT completely opened up the AI market while bringing AIGC content generation technology to the forefront. We discovered the future potential of AIGC a long time ago, and also considered that the continuous development of the AI industry in the future will certainly be limited by the size of the computing power, so we cooperated with more than 20 countries and regional centralized supercomputing equipment suppliers around the world, clustering the best supercomputing hardware equipment from around the world to provide a number of AIGC industry organizations and AI generation systems with stable and low We provide stable and low cost computing power leasing, technology scaling, and analysis data business for several AIGC industrial organizations and AI generation systems. At the same time, with the SolaRoad supercomputing protocol and arithmetic supply network system, it can give global users the opportunity to participate in the core arithmetic supply chain of the whole AIGC industry and get stable and high-yield investment returns in the arithmetic blue ocean market."

William, an advisor to the Foundation, added: "We have already established AI supercomputing supply platforms in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand, and will gradually establish an arithmetic supply network system worldwide in the future, leading the way with points and radiating the world, with plans to build supercomputing service clusters in 20 countries around the world within 2 years to help promote the development of new production methods and landing of artificial intelligence applications."

Ethan said that he benefited from James and William's presentation and believed that SolaDigital Foundation would help SolaRoad supercomputing public chain become the premier supercomputing supply platform in AI field in the future.

Afterwards, Ethan was invited to join the SolaDigital Foundation dinner and finished the day's visit.