PlayCloud Digital Sports Global Brand Tour and Vietnam (Hanoi) Super Fan Carnival comes to a successful close

Hanoi, Vietnam, May 6th, 2024 - On a passionate and eagerly awaited afternoon, the PlayCloud Digital Sports Global Brand Tour and Vietnam (Hanoi) Super Fan Carnival concluded successfully in Hanoi, Vietnam. During the event, hundreds of participants from various fields gathered together to witness a new milestone in the digital sports industry.
As the event began, attendees arrived at the venue, filling the air with excitement and anticipation. Each participant carried with them hopes and expectations for the future of digital sports, welcoming this highly anticipated event.
The conference was officially opened by the charismatic Vietnamese host. His enthusiastic opening speech added dynamism and vitality to the entire event, opening the door to the world of digital sports for every guest present.

Subsequently, PlayCloud community opinion leaders took the stage to share their unique insights and experiences on the digital sports industry. Their insightful presentations resonated widely with the attendees, bringing much inspiration and contemplation.
Following that, special guest speakers delivered captivating speeches, sharing their cutting-edge research findings and insights in the field of digital sports. Their presentations not only enriched everyone's knowledge but also pointed the way forward for the development of digital sports.
Amidst much anticipation, PlayCloud grandly unveiled its new brand image. This significant moment marked a new milestone for PlayCloud, bringing a brighter future to the digital sports industry.

Next, PlayCloud project leaders provided detailed insights into PlayCloud's development strategy and future plans. Their profound insights and forward-thinking sparked widespread interest and lively discussions among the attendees.
Finally, every guest actively participated in the consensus exchange session. Deep discussions and exchanges were held on the development trends and future directions of the digital sports industry, contributing wisdom and strength to the prosperity and development of the industry.
Through this event, PlayCloud showcased to the world the vitality and potential of the digital sports industry, bringing a passionate and inspiring event to fans in Vietnam (Hanoi). Looking forward, PlayCloud will continue to lead the development of the digital sports industry, bringing more excitement and innovation to sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Yunwan Sport Introduction
Yunwan Sport was founded in 2020, jointly created by Baode Group Limited, Greentown International (Asia) Holdings Limited, China Sports Health Group Limited, and International Wealth Management Center Limited. It is a comprehensive platform integrating data, video, live streaming, insurance, industrial investment, commercial investment, and football sports, with total assets exceeding HK$7 billion, with a comprehensive layout in 33 countries and regions worldwide, covering the globe and radiating globally.
The successful conclusion of this grand event not only signifies PlayCloud's entry into a new milestone but also heralds a deep exploration of the future of digital sports. This conference highlights PlayCloud's determination to explore the development trends of digital sports and promote the digitization of global sports users. Moreover, the announcement of the new brand - PlayCloud - at this conference heralds the resurgence of Yunwan Sport!